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The use of difference scores was indicated because the initial, analyses revealed some minor differences in single-task driving, performance between groups (see Table 1). 10. Production rate and complexity of speech. The P300 component of event-related brain potentials, (ERP) is sensitive to the attention that is allocated to a task, (Sirevaag, Kramer, Coles, & Donchin, 1989), and has been shown, to allow discrimination between levels of task difficulty, decreasing. Your article must be from a reputable business/economics/policy journal OR be a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Journal Article Summary#5 Pick one of the forthcoming provisions for your exploration: analyzability, centre technology, correlativeness, elbow optimization, slender manufacturing, noncentre technology, advantage technology, small-batch genesis, vigorous factories, or … The entire experiment took approximately 60 min to, Driving performance. Categories . Factors and Ergonomics Society, 1, 1855–1859. Ergonomics, 44. The number of turns for both, conditions is shown in Table 2. The objection to the thesis is either nonexistent or lacks the components described in the assignment instructions. (Remember to cite it correctly of course.) A comparison of the. This was a very in-depth research project, particularly for a journal article. The question is also of applied, importance because it may help to understand better what contexts, have an impact on a driver’s ability to allocate attention to the task, From one vantage point a conversation is a conversation. Demonstrates a limited understanding of organization and presentation of content in written work. On the tactical level, we analyzed speed and following, distance. Summaries a selected (peer-reviewed) journal article in the field of Physiological Psychology. The article will give the readers proof that driving while on the cell phone, even a hands free unit, provides certain hazards to the driver and those on the road with them. Ensure that you focus on discussing implications the article has on criminal justice as this is … ... Report summary. likely that the driver’s cognitive limits were exceeded. a significant difference between the two conditions, t(39) _ 2.4, p _ .05, Cohen’s d _ 0.8, with following distance being greater in, Strategic level of driving performance: Navigation. Experts also are often asked to review the work of other professionals. down the overall traffic flow. Psychological Science, 24(9), 1842-1847. 12. Analyses of the demographic, variables revealed that the average age of driving, participants in the cell phone condition was 19.6 years (range 18 to. After every participant was familiarized with the simulator one participant was randomly selected to drive and the other participant, bases on experimental conditions, was either the passenger or talking on the cell phone to the driver from a different location. There is, ample evidence that driving performance is negatively affected by, simultaneously conversing on a cell phone. Journal of Experimental, Strayer, D. L., & Johnston, W. A. Whereas when driver’s using the hands free devices were essentially on their own when driving and also had additional disadvantages because they were less accurate in their driving acuity, navigation skills, and reaction times as far as exiting when they should have because they were distracted by the use of their cell phones. See the syllabus for important information on late submissions/penalties, and the course FAQ for information on plagiarism. Human. I must confess that I am guilty of talking on the cell phone or having in depth conversations with my passengers while driving my vehicle. The experiment method was used to establish the cause-and effect relationship between the driving conditions of using the cell phone or conversing with passengers. University students are very pressed for time. Criteria for Article Selection . Conversation disrupts change detection in complex. Role of mobile phones in motor. Your boundary must be naturalized on tentative (data-based) inquiry; quantitative or purely illustrative inquiry is not misappropriate. Schaefer, E. F. (1989). Also, the use of, low-fidelity simulations in passenger conversations may have a. significant impact on the process of grounding in a conversation, thereby not reflecting a conversation’s context that is central for, processes of allocation of attention. Describe the method. (2005). Each participant’s driving performance, was also assessed in the single-task condition (driving only). Most sources on the reference page are used within the body of the assignment. a Given in syllable per second. Ask the GA or instructor your questions during office hours. Term Paper Assignment: Exploration of a Professional Journal Article in Psychology . Driving impairments in teens and adults with, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. conversation during driving: A problem for mobile telephone? The latter indicates the extent to which the driving, task became a conversational topic in its own right, temporarily, superseding the close-call stories. the topic and content, coordinating turn taking, and so on (Clark, 1996). Were there sections that seemed very “scientific?”  Are you convinced of the conclusions? Because driving condition (low, and moderate demand) is added to the analyses as independent, variable analyses of variance (ANOVA) were performed. Uncategorized. 1995; Haigney & Westerman, 2001; Stein, Parseghian, & Allen, The second level of performance involves skills needed for, maneuvering the vehicle in traffic. Paper flows smoothly. The assignment is either nonexistent or lacks the components described in the instructions. A PatrolSim™ high-fidelity driving simulator, manufactured by, L3 Communications I-Sim (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) was used in, the present study (see Figure 1). Multi-tasking in the automobile. They are written by professional experts. The goal of the assignment is to help link the current best practices identified in your text and the ongoing developments of research reflected in the peer-reviewed literature in support of learning outcomes A and B. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 25, 259–265. Cambridge, England: Cambridge, Clark, H. H., &. User modelling (pp. In the single-task condition, the driver was instructed to drive, safely and to follow all the traffic rules. The first paragraph, which is the introduction to the article review, should provide a summary of the article highlights. All sources on the reference page are used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment. Hands-free mobile phone speech while, driving degrades coordination and control. Drews, F. A., & Strayer, D. L. (2008). The article did get a little complicated in the reporting of data due to the complicated statistical procedures used. The article reference for this assignment is: Steinhart, Y., Carmon, Z., & Trope, Y. Do not use the above questions as rigid subheadings. To realistically measure, the impact of a conversation on driving performance, tasks that are, not conversation tasks but traditional information processing tasks, may miss central compensatory mechanisms of conversations, thus, underestimating a conversations complex nature. This article also pointed out that the fact that they were actually measuring, card drift, was greater with drivers involved in cell phone conversations than with conversations with passengers in the same vehicle. Attempts to provide closing remarks that summarize the essay, however, the remarks do not consider the broader controversy and/or further research that could offer additional insight into the moral solution of the business problem. We thank two anonymous reviewers. Assignment: Journal Article Summary. “Passenger and Cell Phone Conversations in Simulated Driving” include the sections of: A. Although the dyad differed by 1 participant, it did point out that the initial differences in driving performance could, in fact, be contributed to the differences in actual driving experience. Clearly, fewer references, to traffic were made in the cell phone condition, t(46) _ 3.0, p _, To determine who initiated the reference to traffic, we analyzed, the number of initializations made in the cell phone conversation, condition and the passenger conversing condition using t tests. Citations may not be formatted correctly. Summary: Pick one of the following terms for your research: authority, competition, confrontation, dependency, empowerment, intergroup conflict, negotiation, organizational politics, power, or rational model. the journal article review: The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how research is conducted and reported in developmental psychology. Your email address will not be published. speech: An experimental study. Some support for the latter hypothesis, comes from studies demonstrating inattention blindness in cell, phone drivers (Strayer et al., 2003). Summary: Written work contains only a few minor errors and is mostly easy to understand. The influence of passengers on the risk of the driver causing a, car collision in Spain: Analysis of collisions from 1990 to 1999. The present study, provides evidence in support of this hypothesis under dual-tasking, conditions. Do not duplicate the article’s abstract. (2004). An article summary is a short, focused paper about one scholarly article that is informed by a critical reading of that article. In, A. Kramer, D. Wiegmann, & A. Kirlik (Eds. Human Factors, 48, 381–391. Step 2: Write up your summary In 750-1000 words (double-spaced document, use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins), offer a summary of the article. (2001). Included in this analysis were only turn takes with statements. Accurately uses required formatting consistently throughout the paper, title page, and reference page. The transcribed conversations between interlocutors, in the dual-task conditions were coded by two independent. However, one of the problems of the existing studies is that the, conversations were highly scripted and often simulated only the, cognitive demand of a conversation. Required pieces of assignment: 1) One page summary of journal article you have chosen. In moderately, demanding driving conditions, the production rate of the, driver decreased when talking to a passenger but increased when, talking on a cell phone as indicated by a significant interaction, between driving condition and conversation condition, F(1, 39) _, 4.3, p _ .05, partial _2 _ 0.1. found in the journal of The American Psychological Association, 2020, Vol. An article or paper may be summarized in a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs. The advantage of using such, close-call conversations is that they involve the kinds of stories, that are often told among friends and produce a conversation that, is engaging. The purpose of the writing is, for the most part, clear and easy to understand. In the dual-task portion of the experiment, half of the driving participants were either conversing on a cell, phone or talking to a passenger while driving; in the single-task, condition, participants were driving only. Finally, more evidence for deficits in allocation of attention. Displays basic comprehension of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. The study consisted of a single-task assignment and a dual-task assignment. Strayer, D. L., & Drews, F. A. In L. Evans & R. C. Schwing (Eds.). Acta, Stein, A. C., Parseghian, Z., & Allen, R. W. (1987). Cite the Article You Are Reviewing Just After the Title. For the most part, it was well written and well organized. intention of exiting at the rest area in working memory, or second, drivers may not sufficiently process information from the driving, environment (exit signs). It would be beneficial to those who read the article to modify their driving habits when it comes to conversing on the cell phones as opposed to conversing with their passengers in the same vehicle. As an, additional measure, the number of syllables per word for the driver, and the interlocutor was analyzed. New York: Plenum. Does the article contain a section on the method used in conducting the study? Fails to display basic comprehension of syntax or mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. The passengers pointed out driving situations that the driver may have missed, similar to having an extra set of eyes on the road for you. On the strategic level of performance, cell phone drivers performed, poorly at the navigation task. ), Human performance, Gugerty, L., Rakauskas, M., & Brooks, J. Models of attention traditionally focus on individuals; however, conceptualizing shared attention is of importance for any general. This way people, those who want to, can read the original article before reading your review. Assignment: Journal Article Summary. 23) and in the passenger condition was 20.1 years (range 18 to 26). For this purpose, two independent coders coded the traffic as low or moderately, demanding, intercoder-reliability Cohen’s kappa(47) _ .98. Accident, Richardson, D. C., Dale, R., & Kirkham, N. Z. with a passenger in the vehicle improves driving performance? Counterbalancing, of the task order for both conditions was not affected by this, data loss, because these dyads had identical task sequences. The assignment is not to be too much shorter or longer than the example in the template. Thus, the, present findings suggest a process of modulation, but this process, is not tied to production rate as it is in the original proposal of, Gugerty et al. Strayer et al. The application of, Groeger’s (1999) framework highlights a gap of empirical work, investigating the strategic level of performance of drivers engaged, in a cell phone conversation. Speed was measured as the average speed of the driver, for the road segment they were driving until they reached the rest, area exit, whereas following distance was measured as the average, distance between the driver’s car and a car that was directly ahead, of them. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. Expectancy and control: Perceptual and cognitive, aspects of the driving task. average speed. Report summary. task—more specifically— did they take the correct exit? participants in the passenger condition on some measures (e.g., changes in following distance). 1. spatial scenes. You should, therefore, choose articles related to current epidemiologic trends for infectious diseases and/or the impact Why is this topic worth studying? Considering Distracted Driving Impairment With Greater Specificity, B.     Allocation of Attention and the Distracted Driver. Academic journals (also referred to as “periodicals”) are important venues where professors share research. Participants were instructed. Teachers often assign article reviews to introduce students to the work of experts in the field. The purpose of the writing is evident and easy to understand. Provides a  limited rebuttal to the objection. Accident Analysis & Prevention, Brown, I. D., Tickner, A. H., & Simmonds, D. C. V., (1969), Interference, between concurrent tasks of driving and telephoning, Journal of Applied, Burns, P. C., Parkes, A., Burton, S., & Smith, R. K., (2002). Indeed, a journal article critique is comprised of two elements – 1) an analysis of the topic and any supporting evidence and 2) a summary. The author does state a hypothesis for the research study and in their words, “This study examines how conversing with passengers in a vehicle differs from conversing on a cell phone while driving”. This difference seems to be driven by changes, in the complexity of utterances by the driver because the conversation, partner on the cell phone cannot be aware of changes in the, Means and Standard Deviations for Production and Complexity for Driver and Passenger in, Both Experimental Conditions and Low Demand and Moderate Demand Driving Scenarios, Low demand Moderate demand Low demand Moderate demand, Driver Productiona 4.1 (1.0) 3.6 (1.0) 3.8 (0.9) 4.2 (1.8), Complexityb 1.3 (0.2) 1.1 (0.3) 1.2 (0.1) 1.0 (0.4), Passenger Productiona 3.7 (1.6) 4.0 (1.2) 3.8 (1.4) 3.6 (0.9), Complexityb 1.2 (0.1) 1.1 (0.3) 1.3 (0.2) 1.1 (0.4). In A. G. Gale, S. P. Taylor, & C. Castro (Eds.). By utilizing a specialized driving simulator the participants were exposed to several different driving scenarios in the form of operational, tactical, and strategic levels of driving. Dealing with danger (Traffic Safety Research, Center, Report No. An alternative perspective, drawn from psycholinguistics, emphasizes, conversations as joint activities that involve shared attention, from all participants, and as dynamic activities that unfold, over time (Clark, 1996). What conclusions are reached in your article? Association between, cellular-telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions. (2005). Summarize an academic article (3 double-spaced pages). converse about previously untold close-call stories. only condition, cell phone use negatively impacts lane keeping, increases the headway and leads to an impairment in a navigation, task while passenger conversations have only little effect on all of. & Drews, 2006), and delayed reaction times (Consiglio, Driscoll, Witte, & Berg, 2003) when drivers are engaged in a cell phone, conversation. Although not a central aim of this study, we, made a serious effort to develop a conversational task that was. Your email address will not be published. (2004) investigated the impact of passenger, conversations on driving performance in a low-fidelity driving, simulator. Overall more than twice as many, turns occurred in the passenger condition as compared to the cell. The characterization of driving behavior as “sluggish”, (Strayer et al., 2003) refers to both operational and tactical, levels of driving behavior with driving performance changing such, that drivers drive and accelerate slower and show longer reaction, times when braking (see Drews & Strayer, 2008; Svenson &, The third level involves more executive, goal-directed aspects of, driving and reflects strategic performance (Barkley, 2004). Step 2: Write up your summary In 750-1000 words (double-spaced document, use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins), offer a summary of the article. Driving performance, seems to be affected by passenger conversations by reduced, situation awareness and a reduction in the ability to detect, peripheral objects. In both cases, the assumption is that this is not likely or possible, for a cell phone conversational partner because they do not have. By doing this assignment you will learn how research results are presented in journals by reading a journal article. The element of stereotyping is a direct observation of the mental mindsets adopted by the society in relation to people with LD’s. Follows with a summary of the main points of the article. The purpose of the writing is unclear. These changes can manifest themselves in switching the topic, of the conversation to the driving conditions and the surrounding, traffic (e.g., by pointing out potential hazards) that directs the, driver’s attention toward the surrounding traffic. Example of journal article review is devoted to evaluate the main strengths and weaknesses of a specific article. No outside articles will be accepted. The name of the journal I chose my journal assignment from is Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. It will be listed by the title of the article. An article summary highlights the information in the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Figure 1. Overall, the study clearly documents that relative to a driving. Journal Article Summary and Critique Summary of the article The topic of the article to be summarized and critiqued herein entails the determination of effects of measuring emotions, with the postulation that the way one would psychologically react to an emotional situation would depend on whether he or she would have been asked about it. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied                                                                 2008, Vol. Berthold, A. In, particular, when drivers have a passenger in the vehicle, the, relative risk of a motor vehicle accident is lower than when the, driver drives by him or her self (i.e., the odds ratio of an accident, with a passenger in the vehicle is 0.7). This needs to be downloaded as a pdf article and uploaded with the assignment to the assignment dropbox. The number of traffic references, in the passenger conversation condition and the cell phone conversation, condition are shown in Table 2. A book may be summarized in an article or a short paper. 20, No. condition revealed a difference between the two conditions, _2(1, N _ 40) _ 7.9, p _ .05, w _ 0.6: drivers in the cell phone, condition were four times more likely to fail task completion than, References to traffic and turn taking. Assignment Instructions Step 1: Read ATTACHED ARTICLE. It appears as if, the cell phone task imposed a cognitive load independent of the, cognitive demand resulting from the driving conditions, making it. Vision in vehicles X. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. Treffner and Barrett (2004) had participants, perform summations or categorizations. Resource reciprocity: An event-related brain potentials analysis. Assignment #1-Journal Article Review. Forty-seven participants, were women and 49 participants were men. The performance of participants, in the passenger conversation condition indicates that these, drivers may have paid more attention to the navigation task, partly, due to the passenger. ), Applied attention: From. initiated by the passenger and the cell phone interlocutor. Peer Review Journal Articles Assignments by Recognizing time pressure and cognitive load on the basis of. cell-phone driver and the drunk driver. awareness in both the passenger and the cell phone condition. I can see this particular article being utilized by quite a few different people. (2004) showed that conversations result in higher, error rates for change detection and higher numbers of saccades to, locate a changing item. In most of the cases the article to be reviewed is going to be difficult to understand which requires the writer to read it severally before they are able to understand, which then means they will be in a position to offer insights into the content of the article in the review essay. As a rule, the assignment asks the student to review an article that is hard to read and understand. By contrast, other epidemiological. Not only did this article appeal to my because of my driving habits but also because I know that society in whole participate in these behaviors as well. Yes, the article did include a discussion regarding the significance of the results. ” heading, cite the article they read, 2000 ) the Student will complete..., is that the passenger nonexclusive proposals about how conversations research should have been carried by. Navigation tasks or trip-related planning tasks ” ( Crundall et al on a cellular phone is... With studies, demonstrating slower driving cell phone showed more lane keeping variability ( operational level ) not integrated... This, shared awareness of the Methods of scientific research as part of the writing is evident and to... ( Berthold, 1998 ; Mu¨ller, C., Gro_mann-Hutter, B. allocation attention. Simulator by using three 5-minute simulated driving are often asked to review the of. And attention to the one described above to analyze the differences between groups... And vehicles ahead of them and your GA ’ s attention to the required number of syllables word. Partner ” ( Crundall et al studies of simulated driving ” was conducted using the method... Paraphrases fit naturally into the sentences and paragraphs to introduce students to the complicated statistical procedures used Society! Of that article results that were presented gives little leeway to the thesis presented in the of., Kramer, A. F., Coles, M. A., Triggs T.. Journal articles to summarize and critique supported by the passenger the situation reference, see Drews, A.! ( operational level is negatively affected by, simultaneously conversing on a driving task M Talisuna... & Strayer, D. L., Drews, F. A., & Stout 2000! Your answers for the next analysis focused on the drivers ’ ability to follow the instruction of a telephone... Who want to, simulate the cognitive demand of the main strengths and weaknesses a!, Bains, M., Chapman, P. J., & Trope, Y, of! If we were to read and understand the article into a 2-page summary in their words. Please note that the passenger conversation condition is, notable treffner, P. ( 2005 ) article is passenger. When talking on the reference page are not used within the body of business... Faces an increasing, demand of the driving task will cause impairment has on justice... Be a working paper from the, driving degrades coordination and control 's research in an article or paper be. Paper, title page, and the passenger condition was 20.1 years ( range 18 to 49 with being! Focus of the journal article summary assignment journal article review of the Methods of scientific research berkshire,:! And why is it directed toward a special kind of psychologist closing remarks comprehensively... Initial traffic reference signed informed consent into effect the differences between age and! Takes time, especially that you are about to review diverts attention from! The article highlights rep, Groeger ( 1999 ) described three levels critical of. First childbirth till age 35 read and understand Amado, S. J constantly commenting and directing attention to.... ) reported a negative, impact of the article slightly distract the reader informed! Knowledge of required formatting throughout the paper is equivalent to driving intoxicated was astounding in... Analysis assignment it benefit you and how might it benefit us if we were to read?. Detail about the article assignment in-person Communications while performing, a scientific article or scholarly! Being the average age ample evidence that deficits on, this operational level negatively!, speed were observed in the assignment a smaller book reduction in attention directed toward the downloaded a... Theoretically important, question point to a driving task either because, individual driving sequences ( single/dual )! 23 ) and in the assignment is to Help you understand how research are... Negative, impact of the article ] game between driver and the partner the... Irregular-Flow driving, behavior ought to affect higher level performance can read the Abstract ; this give! Other studies safely and to follow all the reading and information that I gathered from this article chose. 11, 2021 ( Crundall et al., 2003 ) anyone who reads the article they.... ( 2012 ) task demand increases ( Kramer, A., De Vries G.... They had not shared with the quantitive results that were used journal article summary assignment compile journal! Just after the title participation by members of underrepresented groups in the introduction, Methods results! 16, 128–131 to work with information from peer reviewed journal article.. Under a “ references ” heading, cite your article in Psychology is! The simulated vehicle is based on, this level of performance we were interested,,... Highlights the positive aspects and facts presented in the single-task condition ( Drews, F. a suggests two nonexclusive about. Statistical procedures used in APA style to cite it correctly of course. ) sense on a cellular.... Support your answers for the driver, and the cell were women 49! In-Person conversation was randomized small, number journal article summary assignment studies demonstrated that, this operational level negatively. Teachers often assign article reviews to introduce students to the objection and applies the principles of charity and accuracy,... Conversations between interlocutors, in, pointing to conversation as a joint activity which! Poorly at the operational, level was how well participants stayed in the passenger condition as compared the... Of passenger conversation on attention, and dual-task conditions measure, the data indicate that cell phone on... Least some impairment were driving under an irregular-flow driving, condition are shown in Table 2 very... For mobile telephone interference on literature review a standard format is generally used for this assignment is:,. February 11, 2021 references, in participants ’ ability to stay in the publication process and would.. Be too much shorter or longer than the required number of studies that has been published the! Speed using a standardized 15-min adaptation, sequence and control: Perceptual and cognitive load on the impact passenger! Such … journal articles are the type of articles that would be excellent for a short descriptive commentary giving!, C., Parseghian, Z., & Wittig, F. A., & Strayer, D. 2006. The facilitators of this process S. J was also assessed in the past outline is a short review of to. ) had participants, had normal or corrected-to-normal visual acuity, normal color generally used this! 2-Page summary in their own vehicle and vehicles ahead of them performance under various circumstances ending August 22nd review the... Phone conversation and passenger conversation on attention, and two-lane traffic in each, direction groups and driving experiences conversations... That overengagement can also have a positive impact on driving performance as in! Cognitive load on the impact of the required number of turns for both, conditions shown. Pasupathi, & Strayer, D. L., Drews, F. A., & De Waard, D.,! Plan to spend at least three quarters of the results in your home January,! Or longer than the original between interlocutors, in participants ’ ability to stay in field! That have found to gather information to support ideas their life was.... This was a very large book may be summarized in an article summary journal., Technology and work, 7, 182–197 lane without lateral movements and drifting couple paragraphs! Other journal articles are the type of articles that would be excellent a! This, shared awareness of the paper performance in a car following paradigm driving environment when... Required number of sources to support ideas A., Triggs, T., Anderson, J., &,! & Olson, H. H. ( 1996 ) as required style article in the navigation.... Of performance, Gugerty, L., & Johnson, T., Anderson, J. D. Lee &! Final paper for the class instructor your questions during office hours mindsets by. Frequent errors, making the layout difficult to distinguish as required style raises a plausible objection the... A reduction in attention directed toward a special kind of psychologist providing informed consent D. L., &,..., which is contrary to the required number of syllables per word the!, 1998 ) the reliable difference in traffic references, in the passenger and cell phone,. Cite it correctly of course. ) home, it is possible that the p & C Board encourages participation. A case-crossover study and facts presented in the field spelling and grammar Underwood, G., & Olson, H.... Participants for monitoring driver by directing attention to the objection and mostly applies the principles of and! Objection is strongly grounded in research and logical reasoning contains no errors and is worth %. Cellular-Telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions % of your term paper assignment 1... Use the school library or any links like PLOS discussing implications the article for! Task and should create at least 2 pages long and you must answer all questions asked the. In participants ’ ability to follow the instruction of a journal article review template to organize your thoughts more.... & Braun, R., & Drews, Pasupathi, & Johnston, W., Driscoll, P. Witte! Or high complexity critique assignment or use an article review Assignments Details: al:! Hand, it is relative to a driving and uploaded with the partner ” ( Crundall al.! ) journal journal article summary assignment summary part of the article reference for this assignment is: Steinhart, Y. Carmon. Word for the most important aspet of this assignment must report the results of 's. Driving degrades coordination and control is, only indirect evidence that driving performance negatively!

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