Our Products & Services include the fabrication and installation of custom metal fence, gates, handrails, and metal work.



No matter the type or size of your property, we have a functional and stylish solution.

  • Barbed Wire
    Blackhorn constructs barbed wire fence with steel support braces and heavy gauge tee posts. This type of fence is a great option for large acreage with cattle.
  • Netting Wire
    There are numerous sizes and styles of wire specific to all livestock. Netting wire is stretched on tee posts or pipe fence and is a good alternative to barbed wire. In addition, netting wire offers better livestock protection against predators.
  • Cattle Panel
    For function and style, cattle panel is a great application. Pipe fence with 4×4 cattle panel is a common agricultural look, whereas square tubing with cattle panel is a great appearance for residential communities with small acreage.
  • Game-Proof
    Blackhorn constructs game-proof fence with steel support braces and heavy gauge tee posts. Standard game fence is 8’ tall with 4×4 netting wire and is essential for prime hunting ranches.
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